Messy bits


best bug of the lunar cycle

Today, the so many times complained motorola droid camera started to work as expected for his teorical technical specs, some ones think that google has pushed a secret over the air update, but an android developer has confirmed thas has something to do with a timestamp bug. This puts the motorola droid at the same level than the zune

extending jqURL with url parameter

One of the best things of the jquery library it's is extensibility. There  are a lot of plugins and extensions for almost every thing you could do with javascript, but even then, there are some times that the functionality it's not like you expect. 

jqURL (;=2&var3;=3)  is a jquery extension for managing the url querystring ...

Self closed block elements in xhtml

As self close some xhtml block level elements like divs may seem a good idea for save some bytes, I will generate some cross browser compatibility issues, so it's better to close the tags explicitly.

In my case a self closed div make that a background css image appears duplicated in IE8 (behavior that dissapears when using the ie8 compatibility mode).

Google bans thethering aplications on the market

As said in Google has started to ban the theter aplications on android market because a violation of the Developer distribution agreement, because they violate the T-Mobile Terms of service.. It's T-Mobile the only carrier that offer devices with android? Right now maybe, but in short time that would change, what would do google then? 

In the search for more revenues ...

how to install visual studio team system 2008

I have hit several times with a problem installing visual studio 2008 team system, it says tha couldn't read some files like \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bootstrapper\Packages\VSTOR30\en\eula.rtf and some more from the corrupted iso, i managed to make it work, copying the files to the hard disk, and creating empy placeholders with the same name for some of them ...

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